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Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method

Posted in , , Wed, 31 May 2006 23:54:00 GMT

Catalyst::View::TT 0.23, the Template Toolkit View for the Catalyst MVC framework, was recently released on May 27, 2006 and just in time. It breaks out the render functionality as a separate method from the process method allowing direct rendering of TT templates in addition to handling the overall catalyst response. This is useful when you want to render a template for say an email body or fragments in a JSON response. The render method is accessed as follows:

my $output = $c->view('TT')->render(
    $c, '', \%args

Prior to this, Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest was the recommended way for rendering a TT template when C::V::TT was being used, e.g. the email body example in the SubRequest POD. This method is a kludge because SubRequest is designed to make public action requests, not for just rendering a template. I didn't mind using SubRequest just once to render a TT template for email, however I grew concerned when I starting using it multiple times to render HTML fragments to return via JSON. I was converting more private methods to public actions just so they could be called by SubRequest when I decided this was too kludgy and went to see if I could call TT directly. I went code diving in C::V::TT where I found the render method in 0.23 on I had to install 0.23 from the tarball directly since my CPAN shell would only give me 0.22.

SubRequest also seems to have a problem in that it nukes the Catalyst::Request parameters so $c->req->params is no longer populated correctly after a $c->subreq call. This created strange results without errors that were hard to pinpoint for me. On #catalyst, network_ninja mentioned he got around this problem by copying the params to $c->req->parameters and giving that to SubRequest. My solution is to just stop using SubRequest, at least when I only want to render a template.

Thanks to the Cat team for breaking out render and releasing it just when I went looking for it. 0.23 - render method digg:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method reddit:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method spurl:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method wists:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method simpy:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method newsvine:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method blinklist:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method furl:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method fark:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method blogmarks:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method Y!:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method smarking:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method magnolia:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method segnalo:Catalyst::View::TT 0.23 - render method

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  1. Gavin Henry said about 1 month later:


    I was also getting concerned creating : Local actions just for a template!

    Nice work.


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