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Typo discussed on The Web 2.0 Show

Posted in Sat, 15 Jul 2006 23:09:00 GMT

I just listened to The Web 2.0 Show, episode 23 with Steven Smith where they discuss Typo and the memory leak problem. This issue was recently solved by Scott Laird for Typo 4.0 and is currently in the trunk. Thanks to Ajay for making me aware of this podcast on the #typo IRC channel.

Here's a transcript of the podcast relevant to Typo for anyone interested (let me know if I got anything wrong). There has been some minor editing to make the text flow better but nothing of substance. If you want to listen for yourself, it's at the 10:30 to 12:30 minute mark. Given the memory leak fix, I'm not sure how much of the performance discussion is still relevant but it's an interesting read/listen.

  • Josh Owens: I had a question for you as far as Rails scalability goes. We ran into a problem with one of our servers. We were running Typo actually for The Web 2.0 Show and for the Steelpixel blog and all that stuff; and it just went out of control and all of a sudden we were seeing the Ruby processes were hitting like 300, 400MB each as far as memory goes. Have you guys had any experience tracking down bugs within Rails.
  • Steven Smith: Well, I'll be very gentle on the call cause I know it's a podcast but the problem that you experienced was not with Rails, it was with Typo. Not that Typo is a bad blog.
  • Josh Owens: No, not Typo, come on.
  • Steven Smith: It's used heavily. It was written by Toby, as you know. Toby's kind of moved on. Still a great group of guys working on it so I want to make sure it comes across that we're not saying anything negative about it, but Typo is very resource intensive. Typo tries to do a lot of things as a blog engine. And as a result, I mean they kind of, I don't know if you kind of ever ran it in development mode, for example, under Rails but they advise you really to not even do that when you're doing development. It in and of itself is a very high-powered application so most likely the problems you experienced were more so related to the application than they were to the Rails framework per-se, would be my guess. Because we are investigating blog engines at the moment, and have invested quite heavily in Typo actually, in terms of checking it out, things of that nature. Mephisto is another. It doesn't do near what Typo will do but it's a simple straight-forward blog engine, looks like it's got a lot of momentum behind it and that's kind of what we're looking at right now as well.

Can anyone provide a reference for the recommendation against doing Typo development under development mode mentioned by Steven?

Scott is also working on Akismet itegration for Typo 4.0 to stop comment spam. 4.0 will resolve the following major issues:

  • Typo will run on the latest version of Rails
  • memory leak is fixed
  • spam issues are addressed

Here's a full list of the changes since 2.6.0. With Typo 4.0 on the way, are there still reasons to consider Mephisto?

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  1. Josh said 1 day later:


    Thanks for listening! Since you seem keen on Typo, perhaps I can pose a few situations and questions…

    We came from a php background and we used wordpress for a long time. When we start the web 2.0 show we decided to put in up using typo. That presented our first challange as typo didn’t have enclosure support – we had to signup for feedburner.

    Once we got everything up and running we found our next issue, pinging services like ping-o-matic would have to be pinged by hand! Ouch, that really sucks. This continued to be a problem until the most recent of 3.99 releases.

    It is nice to see all these features making it into typo, but it has been frustrating to live on a broken/incomplete platform for so long.

    Now, let’s get to the most recent of memory leaks. We have been dealing with this for months on our shared host. Most of our customers don’t have big traffic numbers (and I don’t really think we do either, but that is debatable), but Steelpixel and Web 2.0 Show were running massive memory numbers. When I went to IRC to ask about it, I was rudely told it must be my ruby compilation that was the issue. For a developer to dismiss a memory issue that quickly and not even ask questions or probe into the issue – it just doesn’t help typo grow, imo.

    I think Typo has come a long way and it is just starting to mature. Mephisto will continue to get attention because Rick can hack things into it so quickly. I don’t think it will catch on well until Rick start including a default theme of some sort.

  2. Piers Cawley said 1 day later:

    I think I have to put my hand up to that one.

    If my memory isn’t playing me false you weren’t the first person to pop up with the same issue by quite a long chalk. The other maintainers and I hadn’t managed to replicate the issue with our own installations and had come to the view that it was an issue with the way ruby was compiled on some web hosting services.

    Which, it turns out, wasn’t the case. The issue should be fixed now.

    Not exactly a great excuse I know, but I hope it goes some way to explaining why I may have been short with you (and probably with others), for which I apologise.

  3. Chris said 1 day later:

    I do want to note that the memory link was fixed AFTER we recorded the show and we link to it in the show notes.

  4. Piers Cawley said 1 day later:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

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