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Autocomplete Survey

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Here are some screen shots of various autocomplete effects in action to show what people are doing. The images and names above the images have links to the relevant sites with the domain name shown. I'll add more screen shots here as I get them. Let me know if there are any other toolkits demos or interesting implementations.

Here are some observations:

  • All of the screen shots and links are for toolkits except for Google which is just shown as an example.
  • The jQuery and Scriptaculous demos do not automatically display "autocomplete" text in the input element.
  • All of the demos, except Dojo, include text that will end up in the input field as well as extra display text that will not.
  • Where both simple and customized demos are available, the customized one is used for the screen shot.
  • Del.icio.us also has nice variable horizontal location/width autocomplete for tags that I don't have a screen shot for atm. Gmail also has a nice autocomplete that isn't shown.

The observations are just for the particular demos available. The libraries may have the ability to be configured in additional ways.

NOTE: The jQuery screen shot has been edited to size it better from the demo page: (a) the number of results was reduced and (b) the width has been reduced because there's a lot of blank space in the demo. The original jQuery screen shot is also available.

UPDATE: CAPXOUS has an interesting paged autocomplete variation which adds Next and Prev links when applicable. The one minor issue I ran into when using this is that it would switch location (above/below the input) if it was near a browser edge and the number of items changed as shown below. I found this a bit disconcerting. I wonder if there's a way to making it always used the side for the larger list? CAPXOUS can also show info that's searched on but not shown but this was less interesting than the paging. One final note, unlike the other JS libraries listed above which are free open source software (FOSS), CAPXOUS is commecial requires a license fee. Pretty interesting idea.

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  1. chenggn said 25 days later:

    Another screenshot


  2. John Wang said 25 days later:

    Thanks for mentioning CAPXOUS. I added it to the main article. Do you know if there’s any effort to make the effect more consistent near the window edge?

  3. chenggn said about 1 month later:

    If there is not enough space to show up, CAPXOUS will place the suggestion list on the above the text field.

    But you are right, it can be improved.

    Wait for v1.1.8

  4. Milos said 5 months later:

    http://momche.net/publish/article.php?page=acdropdown has a good autocomplete it is very advanced. A bit hard to set up at the begining, but later…

  5. Tony said about 1 year later:

    I have done an ajax powered autocomplete for prototype based on autosuggest of Thimothy http://www.brandspankingnew.net/

    My job is named AutoComplete, you can find it on my blog @ http://webeaters.blogspot.com/2007/11/ajax-powered-autocomplete-for-prototype.html

    It would be great if you can check it out…


  6. Tim said about 1 year later:

    you should also check out the full hosted soultion at: http://www.predictad.com

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