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Perl 5 - Powering Web 2.0

Posted in , Tue, 05 Sep 2006 15:07:00 GMT

Whenever popular Perl sites are discussed, a number of large websites are mentioned with the usual suspects being Amazon, IMDB, LiveJournal, Slashdot and others. While this is a good list, what often doesn't get mentioned is the new Web 2.0 sites that Perl 5 is powering. Perl 5 web frameworks (such as Catalyst and Jifty), OO models (Moose) and other techniques (PAR) dramatically improve Perl for web development and large-scale projects making many complaints about the language irrelevant. These, when combined with CPAN, continue to make Perl 5 a very attractive language for new web apps.

Examples of Perl-powered Web 2.0 sites include, (which uses the Mason templating system / mini-framework), EditGrid (an AJAX-enhanced online spreadsheet running on the Catalyst framework) and Vox (a multi-user blogging site by Six Apart, maker of LiveJournal, MovableType and TypePad). Other sites include HiveMinder, IUseThis, and MighTyV. Of these six sites, four are running on the Catalyst framework. HiveMinder is built on the Jifty framework. Yahoo is even interested in developers with Perl/Catalyst skills along with C and Java for this Senior Software Engineering position (screenshot from Screenshots and links of active sites are provided below.
Description: Social Bookmarking
Perl Framework: Mason
editgrid EditGrid
Description: Online Spreadsheets
Perl Framework: Catalyst
hiveminder HiveMinder
Description: To Do Lists
Perl Framework: Jifty
iusethis IUseThis
Description: App Lists
Perl Framework: Catalyst
mightyv MighTyV
Description: TV/Radio Listings
Perl Framework: Catalyst
vox Vox
Description: Blogging site by Six Apart
Perl Framework: Catalyst

These sites show that Perl 5 is alive and well as a language of choice for Web 2.0. Although Perl 5 is over 10 years old, the combination of new frameworks and techniques, combined with CPAN's 10,000+ modules, continue to make Perl an attractive choice. The key is to use make sure you are familiar with modern Perl programming techniques.

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  1. said about 1 month later:

    We are also using Catalyst for Some might not consider us “Web 2.0”, but we certainly are “Real Estate 2.0”. Long live perl!

  2. John Wang said about 1 month later:

    Very cool! I added a logo and link to the Catalyst Live Applications page. Now I just need an account to log in and get a nifty screen shot :)

  3. sm4llb0y said 11 months later:

    Cool~~ Now,I am writting a RAD Tool For Catlyst,haha~~

  4. said about 1 year later:

    Hi John, , an online photo editor, also uses Perl.


  5. Nils said over 2 years later:

    Hi, is a very popular German community for tracking goals and workouts. also uses Perl and Catalyst.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


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