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MySQL Deployment Presentations

Posted in , Fri, 06 Oct 2006 03:07:00 GMT

I just ran across the MySQL Web 2.0 page which lists a number of their users including the following:

MySQL Web2.0

The most interesting thing from that page, however, is links to various presentations given by those sites on how they architected their sites to scale with MySQL, some of them scaling up to hundreds of MySQL servers.

I've included a list of the presentations below because you have to do some page hopping to find which customer pages actually have presentations. The presentations are in PDF and PPT which I've indicated. None of the presentations are in XUL nor do any use the Takahashi method, both of which are becoming more popular.

I wonder if there's anything similar for PostgreSQL deployments at high traffic sites. Let me know if there are other deployment presentations for MySQL, PosgreSQL or other databases at well known, high traffic sites.

Update: Lukas Kahwe Smith gave me a link to OmniTI's PostgreSQL deployment presentation which discusses their migration from Oracle.

Update 2: Some additional information on MySQL and UUID is available on articles by FeedLounge and Brad Fitzpatrick (chief architect for SixApart). Interesting discussion on how InnoDB clusters by PK.

Update 3: Robert Ficcaglia gave me this link to the Wikimedia Servers page at Looks like good reading! Deployment Presentations digg:MySQL Deployment Presentations reddit:MySQL Deployment Presentations spurl:MySQL Deployment Presentations wists:MySQL Deployment Presentations simpy:MySQL Deployment Presentations newsvine:MySQL Deployment Presentations blinklist:MySQL Deployment Presentations furl:MySQL Deployment Presentations fark:MySQL Deployment Presentations blogmarks:MySQL Deployment Presentations Y!:MySQL Deployment Presentations smarking:MySQL Deployment Presentations magnolia:MySQL Deployment Presentations segnalo:MySQL Deployment Presentations



  1. frankg said about 8 hours later:

    You continue to do good work!! Keep it up. I appreciate it. Frank

  2. Arrix said 1 day later:

    Very helpful resources. Thank you very much! I wish I were able to attend one of the presentations!

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