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Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI?

Posted in Sat, 24 Jan 2009 16:45:00 GMT

I decided to see if there was any EPO chatter on after Larard mentioned it here. A quick search pulled up chromatic's Jan 16, 2009 article on a new book proposal for modern Perl programming. I was curious to see if chromatic was going to endorse the Enlightened Perl Organization and focus on their module list for his book but it doesn't seem to be the case. After reading the article, I couldn't help but get the feeling that it would be "Yet Another Way To Do It" which raised questions about how it would be received by the Perl community, one that seems to resist coalescing around new ideas. TIMTOWTDI is often cited as a strength but, taken to an extreme, it is also seen as a weakness by many.

I'd like to see chromatic's book come to reality but I'd also like to see it on conjunction with a larger effort of recommended Perl practices, either through EPO or a new TPF working group working with some of the same ideas of EPO. I've been participating in some technology working groups and I think working groups are a good way to move ideas forward. Getting more participants and participating organizations involved so the recommendations can be vetted by more people and have hopefully authority behind them can hopefully generate more adoption. I think leveraging these types of groups would be a more ideal way to move Perl coding forward with more widespread and visible endorsements than to have more individual, isolated books and articles on programming styles. EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? digg:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? reddit:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? spurl:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? wists:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? simpy:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? newsvine:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? blinklist:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? furl:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? fark:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? blogmarks:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? Y!:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? smarking:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? magnolia:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI? segnalo:Can EPO (or TPF) tame TIMTOWTDI?



  1. rjbs said about 3 hours later:

    The current topic in #moose:

    TIMTOWTDIBSCINABTE (pronounced – “Tim Toady Bicarbonate”) There Is More Than One Way To Do It, But Sometimes Consistency Is Not A Bad Thing Either

  2. perigrin said about 3 hours later:

    Tim Toady Bicarbonate will also be the leading philosophy behind the EPO’s Extended Core project.

  3. John Wang said about 17 hours later:

    Tim Toady Bicarbonate sounds interesting. Once the EPO extended core has been solidified, hopefully it can become the new core.

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