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Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo

Posted in , Sat, 02 Sep 2006 17:20:00 GMT

Benjamin Gorlick asked for WP-Notable-style social bookmarking/networking links on the #typo IRC channel so I put one together in the form of a single view (template file). WP-Notable, by Cal Evans, displays a row of icons with links to social bookmarking/networking sites under your blog article allowing for easy posting tovarious social bookmarking sites.

del.icio.us:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo digg:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo reddit:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo spurl:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo wists:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo simpy:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo newsvine:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo blinklist:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo furl:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo fark:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo blogmarks:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo Y!:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo smarking:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo magnolia:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo segnalo:Notable social bookmarking/networking for Typo


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Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes

Posted in , , , Wed, 12 Jul 2006 06:48:00 GMT

Several Typo themes have nice DHTML effects and I thought it would be useful to extract some of these for use in other themes. In particular I am interested in adding Modernist's DHTML Scriptaculous ScrollTo article slider to my modded Azure theme. You can see this in action at poocs.net which is currently running Modernist. This article covers the steps necessary to repurpose the DHTML article slider and involves templates, CSS and images. I've shown how Modernist does it and, where applicable, how I prefer to do it. It turns out to be pretty easy.

I've added this feature to my test system, however it's not here yet because I've decided to create a custom Dev411_Azure theme to handle the views (and controller/helper patches) for the growing number of mods I'm using rather than to continue manually hacking files under themes/azure and app. This should be here before long.

del.icio.us:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes digg:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes reddit:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes spurl:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes wists:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes simpy:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes newsvine:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes blinklist:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes furl:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes fark:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes blogmarks:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes Y!:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes smarking:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes magnolia:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes segnalo:Scriptaculous article slider for Typo themes


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Moving Day - Blogger to Typo

Posted in , , Mon, 03 Jul 2006 02:37:00 GMT

I've been experimenting with Typo at the new Dev411 blog primarily to get around the serious performance problems I (and many others) have experienced on Blogger. I know they are working on this and I hope they get it under control soon, however I didn't want to wait for something that may or may not happen so I've moved everything over to http://www.dev411.com/blog/. Typo has some nice features include categories/tags and Live Search which shows you search results as you type. Of course, I may switch back to Blogger (or to another engine) at some point but I'm hoping I won't have to change again.

I'm running 2.6.0 which is the current stable version according to the website though many people are running code directly from the SVN trunk. I'll probably wait for 4.0 before upgrading which I've heard should be coming out soon. In the mean time I've made some changes from the default configuration:

  • added table of contents to pages with multiple articles (index, category/tag, archives and search) described previously.
  • renamed categories to tags. The trunk supports both categories and tags but 2.6.0 only has categories. I simply renamed categories to tags by editing routes.rb and content.rhtml for the category plugin. When 4.0 comes out, I'll use the separate categories and tags and the tag uris will stay the same.
  • moved categories/tags from bottom of each post to top by editing articles_helper.rb and templates.
  • removed articles from uri by editing routes.rb.
  • added number of comments to Live Search AJAX results by editing views/live/search.rhtml.
  • added blog name to HTML title for individual article pages by editing articles_controller.rb.
  • added Blog Roll sidebar which is just a copy of the static sidebar plugin. It would be nice if you could use the same static plugin multiple times but copy/rename is easy enough.

Features I'd like to add:

  • Navigation breadcrumbs
  • More specific HTML page titles
  • The anchor slider from the Modernist theme
  • A logarithmic tag cloud; the trunk version is linear
  • Ability to categorize tags similar to del.icio.us tag bundles; this is supposed to be doable now with acts_as_taggable
  • A tag list that also has links to tags you use at del.icio.us and possibly other places
del.icio.us:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo digg:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo reddit:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo spurl:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo wists:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo simpy:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo newsvine:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo blinklist:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo furl:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo fark:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo blogmarks:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo Y!:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo smarking:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo magnolia:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo segnalo:Moving Day - Blogger to Typo

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Adding a TOC to Typo

Posted in , , Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:37:00 GMT

I've been using MediaWiki for a while and wanted its ability to auto-generate Table of contents for pages with multiple articles such as the homepage and the category pages. Typo is a Ruby on Rails app so you'll need to be somewhat familiar with it to make enhancments. I have this running on Typo 4.1.1, 4.0.0 r1188 and 2.6.0.

I came up with the following but it's still in the early stages:

del.icio.us:Adding a TOC to Typo digg:Adding a TOC to Typo reddit:Adding a TOC to Typo spurl:Adding a TOC to Typo wists:Adding a TOC to Typo simpy:Adding a TOC to Typo newsvine:Adding a TOC to Typo blinklist:Adding a TOC to Typo furl:Adding a TOC to Typo fark:Adding a TOC to Typo blogmarks:Adding a TOC to Typo Y!:Adding a TOC to Typo smarking:Adding a TOC to Typo magnolia:Adding a TOC to Typo segnalo:Adding a TOC to Typo


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Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet

Posted in , , Wed, 14 Jun 2006 02:52:00 GMT

Over the weekend I got to use Python for the first time to add channel categories to Planet which can be seen in action at Planet MVC. My first impressions of Python is that the resulting code looks very clean. The syntax was also easy to pick up primarily due to the excellent docs site and because it reminded me of JavaScript.

The first problem I ran into was using the regex object's re.match which definately does not follow the Python philosophy of "There should be one -- and preferably only one -- obvious way to do it" because there's more than one way and re.match is not obvious because it works different than other languages. Python's re.match automatically starts from the begining of the string unlike regex engines for other languages (grep|sed|awk|perl|ruby). This results in the following behavior:

# matches - pattern is at start of string
m = re.match('b', 'bc')

# does not match - pattern is not at start of string
m = re.match('b', 'abc')

# matches - add the .* to match any leading characters
# but .* isn't needed after '.*b' to match 'c'
m = re.match('.*b', 'abc')

# matches - second .* matches 'c' but isn't needed
m = re.match('.*b.*', 'abc')

I was sticking to re.match because I needed the MatchObject to capture groups but it didn't DWIW. After posting to a forum, I learned that I should use re.search instead which will match anywhere in the string. re.search also returns a MatchObject but I didn't expect this at first because search != match. I get the impression re.match and MatchObject were created first and re.search was added later. Perhaps the MatchObject should be called something generic, like ResultObject, in the docs. I'm sort of curious but when is re.match desired over re.search? It seems like re.match is useful only in a limited number of situations and then it's always easy to implement it with re.search.

The open issue for me is Python's dependency on indenting. Lately I've been using tabs exclusively for indentation because I like to see the tickmarks may editors show for tabs. This lets me quickly know what level I'm at. This python-list thread was titled Tab Wars and argued in favor of spaces over tabs. Planet is indented with spaces and that's what I used for my hacking. Given my preference for tabs, the more time I spend with Python the more likely I'll switch to tabs. Do I need to convert the entire script to tabs or can I mix tabs with spaces? What do people with a preference for tabs do with Python code that uses spaces?

I've been thinking about releasing my enhanced version of PlanetPlanet which allows one planet site to run multiple planets but now I'm thinking I want to do more enhancements to make it even more user friendly. Let me know how Planet MVC is working for you or if I can add any additional blogs. I've already found it pretty useful to find out about things I otherwise wouldn't have.

Here are some notes on getting Planet running.

del.icio.us:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet digg:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet reddit:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet spurl:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet wists:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet simpy:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet newsvine:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet blinklist:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet furl:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet fark:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet blogmarks:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet Y!:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet smarking:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet magnolia:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet segnalo:Python - First Impressions from Hacking PlanetPlanet

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