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Automated web screen shots with Perl

Posted in , , Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:02:00 GMT

I've been looking for a program that will take full screen shots of web pages even when the web page is larger than the window size on my physical screen, requiring scrolling. This morning I found such a program in Petr Ċ mejkal's Win32::CaptureIE when it was mentioned by Displeaser on DevShed Forums in the "Screenshot of webpage" thread. It uses ImageMagick for image manipulation.

Read more... web screen shots with Perl digg:Automated web screen shots with Perl reddit:Automated web screen shots with Perl spurl:Automated web screen shots with Perl wists:Automated web screen shots with Perl simpy:Automated web screen shots with Perl newsvine:Automated web screen shots with Perl blinklist:Automated web screen shots with Perl furl:Automated web screen shots with Perl fark:Automated web screen shots with Perl blogmarks:Automated web screen shots with Perl Y!:Automated web screen shots with Perl smarking:Automated web screen shots with Perl magnolia:Automated web screen shots with Perl segnalo:Automated web screen shots with Perl


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Catalyst and image libraries

Posted in , Wed, 19 Jul 2006 04:05:00 GMT

I just migrated my Catalyst app to use GD instead of ImageMagick based on some reported compatibility issues.

  • Chris Laco reported Apache2/mod_perl2 would core dump with ImageMagick (on FreeBSD). He moved to FastCGI+ImageMagick first and is now using FastCGI+Imager. ImageMagick has been reported to work with Mason+Apache1.x+mod_perl1.3.
  • Andreas Marienborg reported on #catalyst IRC that Imager doesn't work with Catalyst+PAR and has moved to GD.
  • Someone on #rubyonrails IRC mentioned having problems with RMagick and was looking to migrate to ruby-gd

Wanting the best of all worlds, I moved to GD which also has a smaller memory footprint than ImageMagick. I ended up writing my own wrapper for Lincoln Stein's GD module using the Image::Magick API (drop-in replacement for a very limited set of functionality) though something like Image::Thumbnail, which provides a uniform interface to GD, ImageMagick and Imager, is probably better for general use.

Thanks to Chris and Andreas for their reporting issues. Hopefully I'll be all set with GD. and image libraries digg:Catalyst and image libraries reddit:Catalyst and image libraries spurl:Catalyst and image libraries wists:Catalyst and image libraries simpy:Catalyst and image libraries newsvine:Catalyst and image libraries blinklist:Catalyst and image libraries furl:Catalyst and image libraries fark:Catalyst and image libraries blogmarks:Catalyst and image libraries Y!:Catalyst and image libraries smarking:Catalyst and image libraries magnolia:Catalyst and image libraries segnalo:Catalyst and image libraries

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