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Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge

Posted in , , , Thu, 22 Jun 2006 07:22:00 GMT

The YAPC::NA conference doesn't have a blog badge yet so I edited one from another event. It's not official and just for fun:

YAPC::NA badge

You can add it to your blog with the following:

In your HTML:

<div id="yapc_badge">
<a href="" title="YAPC::NA">
<img src="  \
  badge_yapcna2006.gif" alt="YAPC::NA badge" />

In your CSS:

#yapc_badge {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0; /* 10px works for Blogger */
  right: 0;

UPDATE 1: This is now on the YAPC::NA Chicago homepage and Planet YAPC Chicago. Show your support :)

YAPC::NA 2006 Header Image

UPDATE 2: This is also seen in Jonathan Rockway's Catalyst Weblog Software presentation. YAPC::NA 2006 Badge digg:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge reddit:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge spurl:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge wists:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge simpy:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge newsvine:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge blinklist:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge furl:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge fark:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge blogmarks:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge Y!:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge smarking:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge magnolia:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge segnalo:Unofficial YAPC::NA 2006 Badge

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Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly

Posted in , , , Thu, 01 Jun 2006 22:05:00 GMT

A while back the Catalyst framework open source community was working on a mascot for their project. The idea was to have a flying camel made up of Lego-like building blocks. This would convey key characteristics of the project including (a) Catalyst would make your project fly, (b) Catalyst is very modular and (c) Catalyst is written in Perl. There was a lot of excitement and Tim Gould was kind enough to make the following camel for the group:

catalyst lego flying camel

Unfortunately, the idea did not get the approval of O'Reilly Media, Inc. which holds a trademark on the camel image. Their policies are described on their Perl Camel Usage and Trademark Information page. Tim O'Reilly mentioned their Perl Camel policies in his response to the recent "Web 2.0" service mark controversy which caused me to wonder if O'Reilly Media, Inc.'s commercial trademark policies are in the spirit of open source.

In the open source world, you can typically take someone's copyrighted information and modify with attribution, especially for a non-commercial use. If that standard were applied to logos, especially mascot-type logos, then it would seem that the spirit of open source is in line with modifying and giving attribution for mascot logos as well. Two popular mascots that have been altered and published include Tux for Linux and Mozilla originally for Netscape. These alterations have arguably made Tux and Mozilla even more popular and recognizable, thus strengthening the brand, than they would otherwise be. Unlike Netscape and Linux, O'Reilly has chosen to use a strong hand in preventing modification of the Camel logo for use by open source projects such as the Catalyst. Is O'Reilly's policy too stringent for the open source community or acceptable business practices? - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly digg:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly reddit:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly spurl:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly wists:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly simpy:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly newsvine:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly blinklist:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly furl:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly fark:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly blogmarks:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly Y!:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly smarking:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly magnolia:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly segnalo:Catalyst - Flying Camel Mascot and O'Reilly